Colored Pencil Art


Gretchen Evans Parker, CPSA, CPX


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Reference photo for 

My SOAR class. 

I hold Open Studio in my home the first Friday of every month. Students bring their own project to work on. I teach everything from doing the initial layout in Photoshop Elements, developing a line drawing on various support surfaces, learning color layering and value development. 


Watch this space for more workshop announcements coming later this year. 







I recently completed certification to become a SOAR Instructor:


The SOAR Network is a group of colored pencil artists who are trained and certified personally by Ann Kullberg. Each Artist will bring you a high-quality 2-day workshop across the U.S. and Canada


Each SOAR instructor will teach different techniques. My lesson will focus on the use of frottage to render textures as well as simple ways to create sparkling glass and gorgeous flower petals. 


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