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Still Life

Colored Pencil Art


Gretchen Evans Parker, CPSA, CPX

Tempus Fugit 14x18 SM.jpg
 Roy's Old Tools 
16" x 18"
on film

Pier Memories 17" x 16"
Polychrome pencils on
Grafix Drafting Film

Tempus Fugit 


Prismacolor and Verithin Pencils

On Grafix Drafting film

Click on the image to see the detail in this work

Marbelous Cacophony 10" x 14" 

Original Available. Click on the photo above to see a larger image.

Eye Candy IV sm.jpg

Marbleouse!!! 14" x 18"

Original Available. Click on the photo above to see a larger image.


"Crystals in art, their transparencies and the radiance they distill, the optical effects and the coloration they project, is a fascinating phenomenon. And a challenge for the artist capable of facing such work.

I am absolutely in love with the work of Gretchen, it is a work of art with a high degree of difficulty. How difficult it is to get the crystal and the great amount of reflections, not only on the ball, but in the piece that holds it and in the support surface.

On a neutral background, the crystal sphere stands out. With green and violet colors, it captures your attention right away, lots of very well-accomplished details make you look at it in awe and lose track of time. The pedestal that holds the ball shows such an amazing job, green reflections, violets, glitters. Skillfully, the dark area of the background emphasizes the highlights more brightly. I just love it.

And what can we say about the support surface? The polished look, masterfully achieved, great reflections, it actually looks like real marble!

The color, the elegance in the composition and the level of dexterity of this work amazes me."

Paco Martin Dominguez

Judge Color Magazine

Member's Show

Eyecandy IV 20" x 14" 
Colored Pencil on Drafting film. Private collection NFS

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