Colored Pencil Art


Gretchen Evans Parker, CPSA, CPX


Each basket is numbered with a brass tag 

Gourds without weaving are signed


#17 dyed Long Leaf pine, hand woven teneriffe center. Approx 4" x 12"x14" diameter. Sewn with artificial sinew and glass beads.

#40 side.jpg
#40 loblolly pine sewn with Artificial  Sinew enhanced with beads and brass filigree center. 11" W x 9"H x6"D

#52 Lidded longleaf pine basket 11" x 12" x6". Sewn with red artificial sinew, enhanced with red glass beads 3" cross center starters.

#53 wix.jpg

#53 16" D x 10" H Boiled and dyed Longleaf pine needles sewn with artificial sinew. 3" x 12" diameter. The Center is Tenerif lace. Enhanced with glass beads


#25 Boiled Longleaf pine needles sewn with artificial sinew 14"x 2.5" cameo center. Enhanced with bugle beads and faux pearls. Private Collection

#2 raw Longleaf pine needles sewed with artificial sinew. Approximately 6" x 8". Cedarwood center. 

#28 details.jpg

#28 Boiled and dyed Long Leaf Pine sewed with artificial sinew. Sea themed center. basket enhanced with colored glass beads. 11.5" x 2"

#35 b.jpg
#32 d small webpage.jpg

#32 Lidded basket. Boiled and dyed Longleaf pine sewed with artificial sinew with filigree center medallions and bead insets Approx 11" x 11"

#47 side sm.jpg

#35 Boiled loblolly pine sewn with artificial sinew. 

Enhanced with hickory nuts and faggoting Approx 10"x 8.5" x4". 


#47 Longleaf pine needles with butterfly starter center, sewed with red acrylic thread. Enhanced with glass beads and freshwater pearls.  Approx 17"x15" x 5"


#54 wix.jpg
#36 Loblolly pine sewn with artificial sinew, enhanced with colored glass beads. 6" x4"x1.5

#54 8" D x 7.5" D x 7" H loblolly pine sewn with artificial sinew. Brass filigree centers.

#55 wix.jpg

#55 10" x 4". Dyed longleaf pine needles, sewns with artificial sinew. Boxwood center enhanced with wooden beads.

#41 and 42 b.jpg

Deer antler with long leaf pine needles sewn with black artificial sinew. Appros 6" D. 

birds wix.jpg

Bottle gourd Gourd approx 15" H x 6" with various bird species colored pencils. 

leaves 2 sm.jpg

Gourd  detailed with pyrography and colored pencil enhancement

chipmunks 2 wix.jpg

Bottle Gourd 15" x 6" with 

colored pencil chipmunks

#50 back sm.jpg

#50 Gourd with colored pencil. Edging with longleaf pine sewn with red artificial sinew. Approx 7" D x 6" H