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Colored Pencil Art


Gretchen Evans Parker, CPSA, CPX


Each basket is numbered with a metal tag 
Gourds without weaving are signed


#17 dyed Long Leaf pine, hand woven tenerife center. Approx 4" x 12"x14" diameter. Sewn with artificial sinew and glass beads.

#63 sm.jpg

#63 longleaf pine basket 14" x 12" x2". Sewn with red artificial sinew, enhanced with red glass beads and 6" rhinestone brooch.

#53 wix.jpg

#53 16" D x 10" H Boiled and dyed Longleaf pine needles sewn with artificial sinew. 3" x 12" diameter. The Center is Tenerife lace. Enhanced with glass beads.

Click the photo to contact the artist

#57 loblolly pine sewn with #10 waxed cotton thread. Enhanced with beads and geode slice 11" W x 3.5"H x 14"D private collection
#59 webpage.jpg

#59 raw loblolly pine needles sewn with artificial sinew 6"x 2.5"  Enhanced with glass beads and rosebuds. Private collection

#2 raw Longleaf pine needles sewed with artificial sinew. Approximately 6" x 8". Cedarwood center. 

#28 details.jpg

#28 Boiled and dyed Long Leaf Pine sewed with artificial sinew. Sea themed center. basket enhanced with colored glass beads. 11.5" x 2" private collection

#35 b.jpg
#32 d small webpage.jpg

#32 Lidded basket. Boiled and dyed Longleaf pine sewed with artificial sinew with filigree center medallions and bead insets Approx 11" x 11". click the photo to ask questions about this basket. 

#47 side sm.jpg

#35 Boiled loblolly pine sewn with artificial sinew. 
Enhanced with hickory nuts and faggoting Approx 10"x 8.5" x4". no longer available


#47 Longleaf pine needles with butterfly starter center, sewn with red acrylic thread. Enhanced with glass beads and freshwater pearls.  Approx 17"x15" x 5" NFS

#54 wix.jpg
#36 Loblolly pine sewn with artificial sinew, enhanced with colored glass beads. 6" x4"x1.5
click the photo to email the artist for a commission. 

#54 8" D x 7.5" D x 7" H loblolly pine sewn with artificial sinew. Brass filigree centers. Click on the photo to buy this basket.

#55 wix.jpg

#55 10" x 4". Dyed longleaf pine needles, sewn with artificial sinew. Boxwood center enhanced with wooden beads.

#64 donna Shealy for sister anne.jpg

Keepsake custom baskets. Drop an email to me to learn more by clicking on the photo.


santa wix.jpg

Bottle Gourd  detailed with pyrography and colored pencil enhancement 12" x 6"
Contact the artist for more
 painted gourds


koi wix.jpg

Hawaiian umbilical groud Koi with fillagree. 8" dia. Suitable for a battery operated light. NFS 

flowered fillagree gourd.jpg

Bottle gourd Gourd approx 15" H x 6" fillagree with an open bottom to accept a battery light. Pyrography and colored pencil. 


Basketball gourd 14" dia. pyrography and carving with longleaf pine needles edging. click the image if you are interested in purchasing this beauty!

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